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WordPress is one of the best blogging platform. In these days WordPress is used by many companies for creating commercial websites and business blogs. There are plenty of reasons for using WordPress as CMS. WordPress themes, WordPress plugins are giving very important role in the faster growth of WordPress as CMS.

Because of use in easiness and larger opportunities as CMS WordPress is getting popular day by day.  Thus more and more people are using WordPress to their business websites. That will defiantly increase business opportunities around WordPress.

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Business Opportunities around WordPress

More and more offline business firms are investing lots of money for creating an online medium for their business. Most of the business websites may take 1 to 6 months to come online. Use of easiness and lesser development needed for WordPress can be used for better results for clients. Anyone can easily set up a WordPress site within two or three days.

Development Cycle is  Domain name>Hosting>Installation>Theme>WordPress Plugins>$$$$$$. We only need these much steps for creating a well designed WordPress site. These all areas can be used to become an entrepreneur using WordPress.

For the sake of simplicity I am just quitting buying a domain name. That I will explain in my next section.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress web Hosting is the biggest business opportunity for making big amount of money. But creating WordPress web host company may not be easy as compared to other opportunities. Still it is considered as one of the business opportunity because of the recurring revenue from clients.

Reseller hosting is the best choice for getting started. Here you can also prefer to sell domain names as domain name re-seller. This will help you to create your own web hosting company with out higher investment that required for a web hosting company.

WordPress Setup/Design

It is somewhat a wide area for those who are looking for making some money without doing much work. WordPress set up is an easy job for experienced users. But feel little difficulties for newbie’s.  So small business owners or experienced WordPress users can offer a WordPress set up service to help newbie’s. I am offering a free WordPress set up for newbie’s those who are not aware about WordPress installation, themes and plugins.  Along with WordPress set up you can promote your own WordPress themes, plugins and many more other products.

WordPress Theme Development and Theme Sales

WordPress theme development is a great opportunity to earn some money using WordPress. Either you can sell it through your own website or use WordPress theme marketplaces like Theme Forest, Mojo Themes etc.

Setting up a WordPress theme store will be better choice if you are geek in theme development. There are plenty of premium WordPress themes are available through different theme clubs. Still a unique theme with new features should get rewarded.

Child theme Development

Child theme development is the simplest thing that every blogger can do. Make sure you are selecting any popular framework such as genesis, thesis etc. That should bring more sales. Free child theme give away is also a better choice to get some natural back links and hits for your website.

Plugin Development

Premium plugin development is one of the best choice for beginners. Creating a simple and useful WordPress plugin is easy as compared to creating a fully functional WordPress theme. In the near future you can start your own WordPress plugin resource website. It is one of the best business area to grab more attention if you managed to create useful WordPress plugins that every body can use. Plugin eg: WordPress SEO.

Some More Resources

I discussed some methods for creating a business around WordPress. In my opinion opportunities are beyond limits. Newbies can try premium WordPress forums, member sites, communities to get noticed. Utilizing these opportunities should generate a living for your daily needs, some times it may bring a lot of income to live entire life.

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  1. Mayleen says

    I agree to this post there are really lot of opportunities if you are using WordPress especially if you are in the field of online business and you specialization is article writing. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  2. Social Bookmarking ( says

    I love wordpress as i think it is a good cms . I will have my own wordpress site soon.

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