Find Malicious Code In WordPress Theme Using TAC

Sometimes a newly installed free WordPress theme may kill your blog due to  its low quality or with presence of some malicious codes. So we always recommend premium WordPress theme instead of free theme. There are plenty of reasons to recommend a premium theme instead of free one.

One of the reason is the presence of some malicious codes that we told earlier, which is not good in SEO point of view and security of your blog. Another reason is some hidden static links which may not seen in the normal view of our site. Which may be hidden using some css tricks or jQuery. So it is not easy to find those static links by just reading entire theme codes.

After recent Google panda updates it is very important to take care about  out going links and incoming links. So some hidden or bad links may become harm for your blog.

When it comes to malicious code, that may ruin your entire blog by sending spam emails or destroying your site. There are chances that your blog may get hacked due to these codes. So it is important to take some immediate action after installing a new theme in your blog. TAC or Theme Authenticity Checker is one of the best solution to find these malicious codes and static links in WordPress themes.

How to Use Theme Authenticity Checker

Download and install TAC in your WordPress blog.

You can find TAC link under appearance section in WordPress admin panel.

Click it to test all your WordPress themes in your blog. Ans result might look as shown below.

TAC Find Malicious Code In WordPress Theme Using TAC
Theme Authenticity Checker or TAC will give information about those static links and code if it present in your theme.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you understand about quality of a theme and how we can check it. If you have suggestions add your opinions as comments.

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